Other Sportster Builders

Here are a few other lunati... I mean, like minded builders:



Patrick has successfully built and registered his BMW based Sportster, having passed the rigours of the SVA test. However, he is now starting to realise that the build is never really over, and that there’s always one more thing you’d quite like to change. He’s just finished rebuilding his engine, upping the capacity to 2.8 litres. Nice. :)


Robin has also passed SVA. This is the third kit car he’s built although the previous two (a Dutton and a an old Triumph based Marlin) were 20 years ago. He’s aiming to finish it before he’s 50, but we all know a kit car is never finished...


After 4 years of construction, fettling, trips to and from his lock up & a spot of part-time boat building, Pete passed his SVA test on the first attempt. He's now busy collecting BMW engines, and attempting a 2.8 litre conversion ala Patrick :)