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What was that Shirley?

It's all just a little bit of history repeating? It would appear so*.

On Sunday Vikki did the double again, for the third year in a row at the Marlin Owners Club AGM, during the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show! 

As one of my fellow owners club noted, I wouldn't have to dust the side again this year, as I could put the shields back in the spots they had vacated... :)

Competiton was strong this year, and I wasn't sure she'd do it. A big thank you to everyone who voted for her again.

It wasn't all smiles though. On the way home, we had some issues. The rear brakes started to bind, and by the time we reached home where (to use an engineering term) fudgin' hot. As I don't have a well trained pit crew, to be on hand with leaf blowers, they also started to smoke. Which was quite alarming for a bit. :/

Having spoken to the guys in the club, and the madabout forum - and speaking to Mike (the chap who ran with the dual brake servo project) on the phone, it appears the issue may be down to the alignment of the servo input shaft and the brake pedal. Because it's at a slight angle, it can cause problems with the pedal not returning to it's fully up position when you come off the brakes - which has the effect of the servo keeping the brakes slightly on. 

This makes sense - I had thought it may be down to sticky calipers, and / or the need to step the pressure down to the rear brake line - but all 4 disks where damn hot, not just the rears. The rears felt worse, as they're not vented.

The solution is to get the rod more aligned along the centre of the servo, and to minise the friction. So I'll be swapping the clevis pin that attaches to the pedal for a rose joint. I'll also fit a spring to assist with the pedal return, to ensure it's always up when not in use.

And to be on the safe side, I'll also inspect those rear calipers, and make sure I haven't destroyed the pads / warped the discs etc, etc.

Fun and games. :)

* The Propellerheads. Ft Dame Shirley Bassey. Enjoy.

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