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Time Flies, When Your Garage is Full...

...of assorted metalworking gear - meaning you have zero space to work on your car. Or at least that's my excuse.

Yes, I'm still around - and so is Vikki. I really haven't driven her as much as I'd have liked to over the past year, due to many things - but chief amongst them was having stuff in the way all the time.

Anyway, I now have a tidy garage after moving all my new toys I've collected into my new workshop in the garden:

Putting all that together took a large portion of last year, and the beginning of this year. But it does mean that I can concentrate on car stuff in the garage now, and metal work in the workshop - and not try and have to do everything in Vikki's stable. :)

I haven't got round to installing the traction control system I've got on hand for her yet. I have all the parts - it should just be a bolt on excersize. What I have done is change the seal between the scuttle top and the windscreen, as the original kept slipping off, leaving a gap. The new one is larger, and has a spring loaded grip like wing edging:

I got this at the Woolies Trim stand at last year's Stoneliegh show. I believe it's actually boot seal, and it has a curve molded into it - but to get a really good tight seal between it and the bodywork, I flipped it so the curve of the rubber is toward the body work. It's worked well - it's even molded itself around the central wiper boss. 

The only other thing that's been done is a small modification to the filler cap on the washer bottle. Previously there was a small hole drilled into the to of the cap, to allow air in as the washer fluid drained out. The tank fabricator put it there for me - but he got it off centre and I wasn't too happy with it. It also allowed fluid out as it would fountain out of it as fluid sloshed in the tank.

What I've done is stick the cap on the lathe and bore a larger hole in it, dead central:

And then I took an old one way valve I had (it was from an old bulb pump that I had lying around, and bonded it to the underside:

The valve was turned down to remove the un-need parts, and some two part metal expoxy keeps it in place. The valve stops the fluid coming out when it gets stirred up, but will let the air in as the fluid level drops as I use the washers. See, all that time and effort on building a workshop is already paying dividends! :)

So, she's all set to make the trip to Stoneliegh again - MOT'd, taxed - just needs a wash and a polish. See you on the Marlin Owners Club pitch! 


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