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Tank God! No Scratches!

The new aluminium header tank has been fitted. This has required some new brackets, as the existing ones where specific to the BMW plastic tank that I originally fitted.

The rear bracket is the more interesting of them - It's two pieces, spot welded together at my welding class. The top pokes up above the top of the scuttle, to allow a bolt to fix the rear of the tank. The horizontal part is there to hold the vacuum pipe in place under the rear of the tank:

The other two are just flat bars that use the original mounting points that you can see in the lower portion of the picture above, and then bolt to the side of the tank. The three of them hold the new tank at the same height and position as the old tank:

The tank itself has been modified slightly - the larger outlet on the other side of the tank has had two shallow beads TIG welded on to it, so that when the coolant hose is pushed on to it and then fixed with a hose clamp, the beads will stop the hose from slipping off as the system pressurises. The smaller inlet on the front top corner of the tank has had an M10 thread cut into the outside surface, which has then had the sharp threads flatted off so that the hose doesn't get cut by them. It does however give a nice ridged surface to stop that hose slipping as well.

The overflow pipe is much large bore than the previous one, so I've used the same hose as the run from the top of the radiator back to the tank. To stop it flapping around, I mad a coupe of small aluminium hose guides. The top one is bolted to the rail that holds the relays, AFM and fan controller, the identical lower one is bolted to the bottom chassis rail.

Whilst I was making all these new brackets, I made some new ones for the replacement ECU that was put in a couple updates ago. Because the new ECU is bigger than the old one, it wouldn't fit in the same place - so I've moved it to here:

The back edge of the ECU is held on by some L shaped profile, and the front is held away from the tunnel by an Aluminium stand off. This stops it flapping around, and allows it to clear the heater hoses the run down that side.

Next job is to create a new mounting plate for the traction control ECU, which will fit where the old engine ECU did. Then I can run the lines to the ABS sensors, and do the rest of the TC wiring. I also need to source a waterproof box that will hold the TC selector switch on the underside of the transmission tunnel.

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