Who's GOO?

GOO is the interweb name of Jason Cundall, a 30-Something IT professional in the East Midlands.

Married to Pauline, he’s amazed that she’s a) allowed him to do this, and b) she’s left him alive after tracking oil into the hallway carpet...

Welcome to GOO's mid-life crisis...

I blame TV. I honestly do*

After a steady diet of Discovery Channel favourites such as Overhaulin, Kit-Car Crisis and A Car / E-type / Bike / MG / 4 x 4 is born, I decided that I’d try it for myself. I’d try and build my own car. 

I mean, how difficult can it be? If an ex-vet turned TV presenter can build one, surely I can. Can’t I?  

Whilst I’m a bit of a car nut, and know the basics and the theory behind most of what is required for a kit-car build, I’ve never done anything like this before. Sure, I’ve done a little tinkering on cars in the past - but nothing of this magnitude. 

I’d never rebuilt an entire engine, or refurbished brake callipers, or changed wheel bearings before. At the time of writing, I’ve done all of that and more, with yet more unknown territory to traverse in the future. Car wiring? Well, I’ve changed a fuse and installed a Radio...  

It’s a Learning experience, I can tell you!

So, this is my build diary of my BMW e30 325i based Marlin Sportster, a two seat 30’s inspired sports car. 

* That, or at the very least it’s all Mark Evans fault. :-)